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Reaction of sodium diethylphosphite with group VIB hexacarbonyls

Regio- and stereospecific hydrophosphorylation of phenylacetylene

Reactions of diethyl 3-methylbuta-1,2-dienylphosphonate with 2-aminobenzothiazole

Effect of the medium on the acid-base properties of α-aminophosphoryl compounds

Synthesis and ionophoric properties of α,ω-diphosphorylated aza podands: II. Kabachnik-fields reaction as a method for design of α,ω-diphosphorylated aza podands and their use for determination of metal ions

Specific features of the structure of chelate complexes of N-thiocarbamoylamidophosphates with Zn(II) and Cd(II) cations

Liquid extraction of inorganic acids with α-aminophosphoryl compounds

Liquid extraction of noble metal ions with an α-amino phosphonate

Membrane transport of inorganic acids with α- aminophosphoryl compounds

Calculation of fundamental thermochemical parameters of phosphoranes by the additivity scheme

Страница 1 из 4