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New Antioxidant Genes from an Anhydrobiotic Insect: Unique Structural Features in Functional Motifs of Thioredoxins

LEA4 Protein Is Likely to Be Involved in Direct Protection of DNA Against External Damage

Ionization constants of cyclic derivatives of phosphorus acids in n-propyl alcohol

Reaction of o,o-diisopropyl dithiophosphate with nitriles of carboxylic acids

Material composition and colloid-chemical properties of natural and modified montmorillonite clays

Synthesis and membrane transport properties of bis(dihexylphosphorylmethyl)-1,4-diaminebutane

Synthesis of polyphosphorylated diaminoalkanes

Synthesis, structure, and complexing properties of 2,2′-{[(diisopropoxyphosphoryl)methyl]azanediyl}diacetic acid

Genetic background of enhanced radioresistance in an anhydrobiotic insect: transcriptional response to ionizing radiations and desiccation

Synthesis of the azapodands with phosphoryl terminal groups

Страница 1 из 42