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Synthesis of lipophilic N-phosphorylmethylated amino acids and their membrane-transport properties towards some organic acids

Reaction of sodium diethylphosphite with group VIB hexacarbonyls

A new approach to the theoretical estimation of inductive constants

Unusual structure of an N-phosphoryl-N'-isopropylthiourea chelate with the nickel(II) cation

Regio- and stereospecific hydrophosphorylation of phenylacetylene

1,2-Benzo-15-crown-5 containing an N-thiophosphorylthiobenzamide fragment

Reaction of 2-acetyl-5-methyl-2H-1,2,3-diazaphosphole with butane-2,3-diol

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of carboxylate phosphabetaines derivatives with alkyl chains of various lengths

Three-dimensional structure of phosphorus-containing heterocycles - II. Dipole moments and Kerr constants of some 2-thiono-1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinanes

The hydrogen bond in dithio acids of pentavalent phosphorus

Страница 3 из 42