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'Inductive' electronegativity scale: 2. 'Inductive' analog of chemical hardness

Synthesis and crystal structure of complexes of bipodal thiophosphorylated thioureas with divalent transition metals

A "sodium trap" based on benzo-15-crown-5 with an exocyclic N-(thiophosphoryl)thiourea moiety

The kabachnik-fields reaction: Synthetic potential and the problem of the mechanism

Determination of electronic chemical potential within density functional theory

Studies on cobalt(II) complexes with N-thioacylamido(thio)phosphates: X-ray crystal structure of the Co[PhC(S)NP(S)(OPri)2]2

Inductive effect of substituents in the correlation analysis. The problem of quantitative estimation

Principle of electronegativity. State-of-the art

Synthesis and membrane transport properties of bis(dihexylphosphorylmethyl)-1,4-diaminebutane

Synthesis of polyphosphorylated diaminoalkanes

Страница 4 из 42