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Titanium compounds as catalysts of higher alpha-olefin-based super-high-molecular polymers synthesis

Application of ferrocene-resorcinarene in silver nanoparticle synthesis

Reduction-controlled substrate release from a polymer nanosphere based on a viologen-cavitand

Fatigue variation of surface properties of silumin subjected to electron-beam treatment

Определение характеристик ледников по данным дистанционного зондирования (ДЗЗ)

Assessment of the Size of Rocks in Benchs and Lumpiness of the Blasted Mountain Mass on Pits with Use of Gis Geomix

Hydrophobic acceleration in the Diels—Alder reaction of 9-hydroxymethylanthracene with N-phenylmaleimide

One-step synthesis of gold colloids using amidoaminocalix[4]resorcinarenes as reducing and stabilizing agents. Investigation of naproxen binding

Molecular tectonics: from a binuclear metallamacrocycle to a 1D isostructural coordination network based on tetracyanomethyl[]metacyclophane and a silver cation

Solvent Influence on the Diels-Alder Reaction Rates of 9-(Hydroxymethyl)anthracene and 9,10-Bis(hydroxymethyl)anthracene with Two Maleimides

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