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Complex formation of MnII with tetra(p-tert-butyl)thiacalix[4] arene acid in aqueous solutions of surfactants and polymers

Electrochemical aptasensor based on polycarboxylic macrocycle modified with neutral red for aflatoxin B1 detection

Aminoanthraquinone derivatives based on p-tert-butylthiacalix[4]arene. Synthesis and fluorescence properties

Supramolecular "containers": Self-assembly and functionalization of thiacalix[4]arenes for recognition of amino- and dicarboxylic acids

Electrochemical behavior of pillar[5]arene on glassy carbon electrode and its interaction with Cu2+ and Ag+ ions

Silica colloidal membranes with enantioselective permeability

Cholinesterase sensor based on glassy carbon electrode modified with Ag nanoparticles decorated with macrocyclic ligands

Phosphorylated amino derivatives of thiacalix[4]arene as membrane carriers: Synthesis and host-guest molecular recognition of amino, hydroxy and dicarboxylic acids

Supramolecular complex formed by DNA oligonucleotide and thiacalix[4]arene. NMR-spectroscopy and molecular docking

Amphiphilic adducts of myrcene and N-substituted maleimides as potential drug delivery agents

Страница 2 из 4