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Pillar[5]arenes with morpholide and pyrrolidide substituents: Synthesis and complex formation with alkali metal ions

p-tert-butyl thiacalix[4]arene derivatives functionalized in the lower rim with bis(3-aminopropyl)amine: Synthesis and interaction with DNA

Enantioselective recognition of amino acids by enantiomerically pure calix[4]arene carboxylic acid or their diastereomerically pure N-(1-phenyl)ethyl amides

Pentakis-amidothiacalix[4]arene stereoisomers: Synthesis and effect of central core conformation on their aggregation properties

Water-soluble pillar[5]arenes: Synthesis and characterization of the inclusion complexes with p-toluenesulfonic acid

Self-assembled fractal hybrid dendrites from water-soluble anionic (Thia)calix[4] arenes and Ag+

Iminodiacetic derivatives of p-tert-butylthiacalix[4]arene: Synthesis and influence of conformation on the aggregation with bismarck brown Y

Towards macrocyclic ionic liquids: novel ammonium salts based on tetrasubstituted p-tert-butylthiacalix[4]arenes

Modern Trends of Organic Chemistry in Russian Universities

Self-assembly of chiral fluorescent nanoparticles based on water-soluble L-tryptophan derivatives of p-tert-butylthiacalix[4]arene

Страница 29 из 29